Conditions - Policies

General provisions on the responsibilities of the parties, payment policy, cancellation policy - penalty and privacy policy.

1. About copyright ownership

• All domain names pointing to the website:,,,,,,,, peacetourvietnam. vn is owned by Vietnam Peace Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) and is protected under the Intellectual Property Law.

• All activities using the content posted for reference and research materials must clearly note the reference source from the content of Hoa Binh Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour).

• The use of logos, brand names and trademarks of Vietnam Peace Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) in any form must be agreed upon by Hoa Binh Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company. (Peace Tour) in writing.

2. About customer information

• For personal information: This information is only for the needs of customers to confirm registration and payment for tours. Peace Tour Vietnam will use these contact information to send customers information about events, promotional news and special offers with consent. from the customer. The information provided by the customer will be kept confidential and committed to not disclosing to third parties unless agreed by the customer or at the request of the competent authorities as prescribed by law.

3. About affiliate website

• The Peace Tour Vietnam Joint Stock Company website (Peace Tour) contains links to third party websites: liability related to the information posted on the websites of The third party belongs to the owners of these websites.

4. Responsibilities of the parties:

For Vietnam Peace Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour):

• Complete the procedures related to the trip, organize tours according to the agreed program.

• Ensure to fully implement all services in accordance with the program that customers register. However, we reserve the right to change the itinerary or cancel travel at any time we deem necessary for the safety of our customers.

• Any changes, if any, will be promptly notified to the customer right before departure or immediately after detecting any problems.

• Buy travel insurance for customers. The conditions for compensation by the insurance company and the specific indemnity level will be based on the regulations of the insurance company and related legal documents.

Peace Tour Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) will be exempted from liability for the following cases:

• Regarding all information provided by customers because we cannot confirm the information you have registered.

• About your information being stolen if the theft is made from your computer due to a computer virus infection or any other cause.

• In case your computer system is damaged while paying or interfering with the use of an external website.

• About the loss of your information due to objective incidents such as natural disasters, drought, fire, war, ...

• For losses or expenses incurred due to customer delay, change or cancellation of the program, or use of extra services outside the program.

• For damages caused by the delay of public transport as well as the loss and damage of luggage of customers during the trip.

For customers:

• Provide full and accurate information and necessary documents (such as ID card, citizen ID, passport) within the prescribed time limit. Customer will bear all costs incurred if not comply with the obligation to provide this information.

• Customers undertake to be fully responsible for personal information thing6 and payment cards. If any mistake, forgery or dispute arises, the Company reserves the right to cancel your purchased tour

• Make payment in full, on time as stipulated in the Contract. In case of failure to pay within the prescribed time, it is considered that the customer automatically canceled the trip.

• Do not arbitrarily split the group without the consent of the head of Vietnam Peace Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour). Comply with regulations on personal safety. Self-preservation of luggage and belongings. Bring identification to present as needed.

• Comply with the laws of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (and host countries if traveling abroad). Perform well the rules of the delegation, the rules of the hotel, attractions and transportation.

• Responsible for compensation for all damage caused by their fault and penalties for breach of contract as well as cost of trip cancellation and service cancellation of the provider.


• For payment at the counter: Hoa Binh Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) will reconfirm the total payment amount to the customer. Customers will receive a receipt after completing the payment procedures

• Payment via bank: staff of Hoa Binh Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) will reconfirm with the customer the total amount of payment. Customers will receive an email confirmation of payment status after completing payment procedures.

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o VND account:

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• Customers have the right to suspend / cancel the transaction after making. Must comply with the conditions of cancellation of accompanying service penalty.

• Cancellation of all services by tour participants must be sent and received in writing (email or fax). The company does not accept any requests for cancellation by phone.

• The Company is not responsible for any cancellation request before it is received and confirmed in writing.

• Detailed cancellation rules apply according to the specific tour program rules. In case of tour transfer, the Company will review the situation with different levels of support.


• In case Vietnam Peace Tourism Joint Stock Company (Peace Tour) cannot organize the trip (except for force majeure cases), the Company must refund the entire tour price to the Customer right at the time of cancellation. go.

• In case the Customer cancels the trip (or is considered to be a cancellation) before the departure date, the Customer will have to pay the relevant costs to the Company in accordance with the provisions of each specific program.

• When completing the cancellation confirmation, the Company will refund the correct account you paid after deducting the cancellation fee.


Purpose and scope of information collection

• In order to record and compare service implementation information

• Customer care

• Scope of information collection: Vietnamese customers and overseas Vietnamese community

Scope of using information

• Internal circulation within the company only for sales

Information storage time

• Information storage period is 1 year

• Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information: Main Office of Hoa Binh Vietnam Tourism Joint Stock Company - 60 Vo Van Tan Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

• The website does not have a member registration / management function. Customer information will be stored in the form of a record. When deploying the service, if customers need to adjust, they need to contact sales staff.

Commitment to privacy of customer personal information

• The Company collects customer information for the purpose of providing services, improving service quality.

• The company undertakes not to trade customer information.

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